I’m a process guy. In my career, I’ve done development, (a lot of) process improvement, and (a lot of) project management.

That said, I LOVE technology, and even if I’m spending the day managing projects, the underlying technology (.NET, LAMP, XML, etc) is never far from my heart. Having a hands on understanding of technologies helps me execute for my employers. Building that hands on understanding is just a lot of fun.

This (nascent) site gives me a chance to share code, projects, and so forth. Over the coming months I’ll be posting various bits of code, one off projects, and other hobby items. Highlights include semantic fun with OpenCalais, visual event detection with C#, amusing hobbyist electronics projects, and various bits of code I’ve found useful over the years.

I have no strong bias on programming languages. After a while, I’ve found that being an absolute purist keeps one from seeing new approaches to solving problems (although Visual Studio remains my favorite IDE). You’ll find a mix of client side and server side languages here. Unless otherwise noted, everything is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License – feel free to use in proprietary apps, etc.

If you’d like to drop me a line, my email address is gage at this domain name. Cheers!